BYOD to the Kentucky GIS Conference October 12th – “Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver: A Solution to Precise Smart Device / Mobile Positioning”

BYOD to the Kentucky GIS Conference October 12th

Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver: A Solution to Precise Smart Device / Mobile Positioning”

Come join Precision Products and Seiler Instrument Mapping at the Kentucky GIS conference October 12th, 2015 for a BYOD GIS workshop.

BYOD “Bring Your Own Device”  – Learn how the Trimble R1 and R2 GNSS receivers can help your data collection projects become more reliable and more accurate.

Location:  Owensboro, KY  – within a few hours from Missouri, Illinois and Indiana

Workshops: October 12th

Conference: October 13th – 14th



Trimble R1 and R2 GNSS Receivers

Trimble R1 and R2 GNSS Receivers



TerraFlex support hardware2

Trimble TerraFlex


The smart-phone and smart-tablet revolution for data collection is here to stay but not without some side effects on GPS productivity and accuracy.  As more organizations add geospatial information to their enterprise solutions, demand for reliable and accurate geo-location is expected to increase. This demand can rapidly outstrip the positioning capabilities of most consumer devices.

Consumer smartphones and tablets provide positions using built-in circuitry and a technique called assisted GPS (A-GPS), which relies on connection to a cellular network. But this approach cannot provide the precision needed for many applications. GIS, utilities and many other industries need more than the several-meter resolution delivered by A-GPS location services.

The challenge is to enable workers to use familiar devices and obtain positioning data with the needed reliability and precision. Devices such as the new Trimble R1/R2 GNSS receivers, used in conjunction with a smart phone or field computer, help to solve this problem. The Trimble R1/R2 are a versatile GNSS receiver that seamlessly work with Trimble TerraFlex, and custom-built GIS applications.

This workshop will focus on a cloud-based data collection software platform, Trimble TerraFlex and how the Trimble R1 and R2 GNSS receiver have the ability to enhance the positioning solutions using this platform on smart devices. Accuracy that can be achieved with the Trimble R1 (Sub-Meter) and the R2 (Sub-Meter, Sub-Foot and Centimeter).  We will demonstrate creating new data, importing existing data, and designing data collection forms on the software platform. We will provide a field demonstration using various smart devices with the R1/R2 along with TerraFlex, and will verify the data collection in the office.

The Trimble R2 was just released September 15th, 2015.

Level: Introductory;

Workshop Cost: $25 (KAMP student members); $45 (KAMP regular members); and $70 (General); 

  • You can bring your own smart phone/smart tablet (iOS 7 or higher, Android 4.x or higher), Windows 7/8.  Or the following Trimble devices: Yuma 2, Geo 7X, Geo 6000 XT/XH, Juno 3, Juno 5 or the Nomad 1050.  A few extra Trimble Devices will be available including the R1 and R2 to share.
  • More details available upon registering for the workshop or see the Trimble TerraFlex Tech Sheet for a complete list compatible devices.


Listing of Workshops on October 12th:

Main Conference website

To register please visit:

Key Note Speakers:

Hotel information can be found at:

  • Other workshops include: Esri Collector, Building Story Maps, Using ArcGIS Online and Story Maps for Geo-mentoring, Lidar for GIS projects, Python Scripting and Model Builder, Surveying 101 for GIS Professionals, Introduction to Geoprocessing in an Open Source Environment, Fundamentals and Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Unmanned Aerial Systems and Flood Analysis Mashup – Leveraging Large National Datasets for GIS Analysis.
  • Post Conference workshop October 15th and 16th: Esri Instructor-led Course – Intro to ArcGIS Pro.  Click here for more details.  This 2 day course is only $800.00.

Trimble R1 video

Trimble R2 video

Trimble TerraFlex video

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